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Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

As you aspire to live your best coastal life, well-designed and inviting outdoor spaces are becoming the new essential.

Whether we are creating a gathering, dining or recreational space for a suburban poolside, island terrace or oceanfront balcony, Grande Interiors designs outdoor spaces as an extension of the interiors. They look and feel like indoor spaces. Today’s coastal clients want plush upholstered seating in exquisite performance fabrics, mood lighting, indoor-outdoor rugs and more.

Gone are the days when clients were satisfied with beautiful and functional interiors and content to run to a discount store as an afterthought to get lounge seating for their decks. At Grande Interiors, we’re very intentional in planning outdoor “zones” for relaxing, grilling, eating, conversing and playing.

From the Bahamas to Miami to Cape Cod to the Virgin Islands, today’s coastal homeowners are finding joy and deeper connections with family and friends through well-planned and accessorized outdoor living spaces.

Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

An Outdoor Room Boom

The “Outdoor Room Boom” is global. According to a 2021 survey by the International Casual Furnishings Assn., 90% of Americans say their outdoor living space is more valuable than ever, and 78% reported an outdoor upgrade in the last year.

According to a Houzz & Home survey, 57% of homeowners did outdoor room remodels last year including landscaping, decks, porches and balconies, with many adding smart products to outdoor spaces including light fixtures and speakers/sound systems.

Here are a few of our favorite recent outdoor designs for Grande Interiors' clients:

Poolhouse Grandeur

Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

Everything about this new construction project -- the tennis court, basketball court, pool, poolhouse and beautiful gardens -- exudes luxury and grandeur.

The poolhouse interior, with a dramatic domed and beamed ceiling, light streaming through expansive windows. Transoms incorporate stylish modern elements and clean lines for the main sitting area. Here is how we extended the concept to include the exterior:

Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

The color scheme of the exterior architecture is a reverse image of the interior, with the same dome, beam and transom design, but with a light, bright white on the ceiling and trim, compared to the warmer cream and wood tones of the interior space. The modern furnishings in earthy, organic tones are juxtaposed against the traditional architecture of the columns and transoms.

Notice the warm color scheme for furnishings and accessories in both the interior and exterior room, including generous use of brown tones. We are seeing a resurgence in browns – from camels to chocolate to bronze -- for outdoor finishes and fabrics.

Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

The pool, landscaping and grounds offer the same refined luxury as the seating areas, and pool seating continues the clean modern theme.

Waterfront Living in Connecticut

Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

This dreamy waterfront beach home in Connecticut has several outdoor decks to take in the views.

Each area for dining and entertaining was designed in an inviting and relaxed style.

The classic wicker furniture with simple lines has deep seating for ultra comfort, and is designed for indoor-outdoor use so it can withstand the salt air and moisture.

Increasingly, we use performance fabrics and cushions for furnishings, and we assure that exterior lighting and appliances are verified by installers to withstand coastal elements such as salt, sand and heavy moisture.

Caribbean Lounge

With an organic elegance and laid-back island vibe, this outdoor sectional seating area in St. Thomas-US Virgin Islands overlooks the Caribbean Sea and infinity pool in the view below.

Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

Compelling design elements of the lounge area include the mahogany shutters, concrete cocktail table, dramatic driftwood accessory and the simple black-and-white color scheme with a tribal pattern on the accent pillows.

Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

The Little Hamptons "Cottage That Could"

Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

Located in the Hamptons close to the beach and a short walk to town, this is the little “cottage that could” – small in stature but grand in the expansive outdoor space and lush yard. Zones are designed to make this a playground paradise for children and adults:a swing set: a playground and playhouse and a roomy lawn for children and family games; the swimming pool and hot tub for relaxation and recreation; and a couple of dining sets for eating and gathering.

Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

Beautiful plantings in a layered and textured landscape bloom throughout the season, adding color and fragrance.

Tips for Creating Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

As you can see, the “outdoor room boom” has great capacity to enrich our lifestyles and time with family and friends.

If you’d like to transform and elevate your outdoor space, with an intentional design plan that creates functional, beautiful zones with durable furnishings for the activities important to you and your family, contact us

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