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A Family's Dream of Coastal Living Gets Bumpy

When the Corrigan family made the move from Milwaukee to the East Coast they were all thrilled. Their new home was just one block from the beach and although they had no previous renovation experience, they were keen to take on the needed updates and move in.

The plan was to update the deck, refresh the kitchen, refinish the floors, and paint the interior. They hired a local contractor, thinking that he would be familiar with the area and know which materials would be best.

A Family's Dream of Coastal Living Gets Bumpy

As in often the case with remodeling projects, the work dragged on and was soon seriously over budget. But, since they needed to move in, they persisted and got it done. But after two years they realized that the materials used in these updates were less than ideal, they had not stood up to the rigors of the coastal cimate, and their “ideal” coastal home was showing signs of wear and tear. They were faced with having to do a lot of the work again.

Instead of feeling relaxed, the maintenance was causing stress and concern. For a brief moment they considered leaving the coast. However, the family loved the house and had made friends with their neighbors. The kids, now teenagers, enjoyed living at the beach and felt that this was now their home.

A Family's Dream of Coastal Living Gets Bumpy

But as the months went by the problems persisted - corrosive evidence on hardware, large gaps and wear on flooring, and mildew on window treatments and furniture. And there was the major issue of the flow of the home and the lack of storage. So, they decided to tackle the updates a second time.

Luckily, the Corrigan’s were referred to Grande Interiors and although they were skeptical and nervous, they made an appointment.

We immediately helped them determine and prioritize the major issues in the home and advised on a plan to tackle the most important area first with a realistic budget. Tapping into our experience with coastal living, we designed the interior space to fit their family lifestyle using coastal-appropriate products.

A Family's Dream of Coastal Living Gets Bumpy

Modern living is about the open concept, but many existing coastal homes were not originally intended for year-round living and they don’t have an open floor plan. We started this project by opening small doorways and taking down a wall to give the home the feeling of space and inclusion. Another successful part of the plan was to transform dead space into extra storage.

This Pinterest board has some interesting ideas you can use for your own projects.

The most important part of the way we work with clients is the frequent and constant communication to assure them that we are here to serve their needs and give them the results that meet or exceed their expectations.

And that’s exactly what happened with the Corrigan’s home. They have a fully functioning, stress-free coastal home they can enjoy and proudly share with friends and family. It’s finally a place to kick back and relax, without the stress and worry of constant maintenance problems.

Over the course of the project we formed a strong relationship with the family, which has developed into a friendship that is still ongoing today.

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