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Best Outdoor Design Tips For Fall

As we prepare for Fall 2023, I noticed that every project we have designed in the last 10 years has always included an outdoor space for more leisurely enjoyment and extending the outdoor uses for as long as possible. Small or large, we encourage our clients to incorporate their outdoor space as an extension of their living space.

Lounging, dining, or entertaining can be a "must have bonus" for seasonal enjoyment.

Our focus at Grande Interiors is always, comfort, convenience and durability. Of course, a cohesive design invites you to enjoy the space regularly.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Pool House Grandeur - lots of space and detail in every area.

This project was grand in scale and in the court, basketball, pool, pool house and beautiful gardens

The pool house interior incorporates beautiful modern elements and clean lines for the main sitting area. Here is how we extended the concept to include the exterior

Waterfront Living in Connecticut - loaded with comfort to enjoy the views.

A waterfront beach home with several outdoor decks to take in the views was designed for

dining and entertaining with each area open and furnished in an inviting and relaxed style.

Traditional wicker furniture for outdoor use with more simple lines and ultra comfort.

Caribbean Lounge - Room for a crowd or a leisurely nap with the ocean view and breeze to enjoy.

Designed for comfort and added pieces, incorporating the island decor.

High Rise Vistas - multiple long but narrow balconies with ever changing views that are breathtaking.

We designed the space to feature the view from the inside and found space for conversational areas on the exterior long balconies

All selections made for this home were designed to withstand the salt air and strong light. Friendly for guests and family with no worries about spills....

Sweet Cottage in The Hamptons. - Located close to the beach and a short walk to town, this sweet cottage has a beautiful yard for children to play, swimming pool, hot tub and dining area.

Small in size but grand in style...The home was designed to take fall to a new level for a young family.

Beautiful plants that bloom throughout the season adding pops of color and fragrance.

Lots of room to play lawn games, relax in the jacuzzi or have a meal after a day of swimming.

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