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Spring Coastal Project Countdown

Counting down to the first day of Spring!!!

Spring Coastal Project Countdown

Well I for one cannot wait. Have you created mental lists of various projects you would like to tackle to improve areas in your home? My head is swirling with lots of ideas and now is the time to buckle down to get serious or nothing will happen. Do you feel the same? If you are like most coastal homeowners, the list keeps growing to the point that getting started is becoming overwhelming and confusing.


Where do I start?

What comes first?

Who do I call to help?

What will work best for my budget?

Spring Coastal Project Countdown

WARNING - waiting to get organized is a problem for 2023 plans.

The annual challenge for most coastal homeowners is trying to have work including maintenance completed by Memorial Day. It marks the official start of a season that embraces coastal living. Due to the events of the past year, home projects are skyrocketing and causing a backlog in multiple areas. Projects small and large are under way or planned as homeowners have decided to not wait any longer. Making their home a place they can enjoy more each day has become a universal priority.

Here is what is happening:

Trades people are slammed with work and schedules are booking out.

Inventories of supplies are low and deliveries are being moved out.

Furnishing and other home related products are frequently on back order and are being delayed.

If you are serious about undertaking a home project, planning now will keep you from experiencing a multitude of problems and give you the results you expect and deserve.

The more you do on the front end of the planning stage the less stressful and more positive results will follow.

Here is a simple project checklist to help you get started. Organizing your thoughts can give you a snapshot of the smaller tasks as well as the more complex areas. I use this with clients on projects as a starting point to emphasize priorities.

The left side of the planner is designed for you or family members who will complete small or DIY projects (i.e. power washing, touch up painting, installing closet organizer) . The right column is a quick look at areas where you need extra help by professionals (i.e. bathroom renovation, light fixture replacement, exterior home powerwashing). Completing this planner will give you a more detailed view of how aggressive your plans are and will allow you an opportunity to prioritize by must haves and wish list items.


Spring Coastal Project Countdown

Spring Coastal Project Countdown

If you can imagine yourself sitting on the beach by Memorial Day or sooner, let's kick off the Spring 2023 Coastal Project Season now. Our design experts at Grande Interiors are available to help you.

Contact me to schedule a complimentary

call so you can live your best coastal life.

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