Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

Life on the coast should be relaxing and enjoyable. Living close to one of the most beautiful elements of nature: the ocean; and you can enjoy it daily. Living or vacationing in a coastal home is a lifestyle that is easy to get used to—lots of sunlight, mesmerizing views, and a laid-back feeling to help you relax and enjoy life..

Frequently, you will find homes or cottages in coastal areas that are older, outdated and frequently in need of some attention to complement today’s lifestyles.

Does your home lack the aesthetic you desire? Or reflect your personal style? Do you feel good when you walk in the door? If you can’t reply yes, you have options.

Try reviving a space with some paint! Using paint to update a room is a great place to start. Painting is relatively inexpensive and can drastically transform a home inside and out.

So let’s get started. Making informed decisions before you are knee deep in the process will reap rewards. Even if you have some knowledge of paint products, keep in mind that coastal properties need the right products for their environment so keep moisture, sun exposure, and traffic areas for wear and tear in mind .No mistakes, no regrets, beautiful results!

Here are a few important areas to consider.

What is the RIGHT paint choice?

Because there are so many paint options available, navigating this process might be a little confusing. The best way to ensure you are using the right products for your home is to consult with a design professional who specializes in coastal interiors. Even a brief consultation can make a project “regret free” and the results meeting your expectations.


Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Paint selection that is safe for your home is not to be overlooked. We recommend low VOC latex paints that are eco friendly and meet the Green Guard Certification. Low VOC paints have reduced levels of volatile organic compounds-- VOCs are unstable chemicals that let off gases harmful to humans and the environment. Most paint companies offer low VOC options. Also consider paint that is also mildew-resistant to protect your home from the moist ocean air.

Latex vs Oil Paints

Latex paint is a water-based paint product that is easy to use with a quick drying time. Clean up with latex paint is also pretty easy (a little warm water). The paint industry emphasizes latex products to be more environmentally friendly than oil based paints.

Oil based paint has a strong odor, takes longer to dry, and tends to yellow overtime. Many companies have reduced or eliminated their offerings of oil based paint products due to safety and environmental factors. It can be more difficult to apply and requires special products for cleaning. Be sure to check with your designer or painting professional for the best option prior to selecting oil based products..

If you are comfortable tackling a DIY project yourself, below is a list of recommended paint companies that are readily available and offer quality products for coastal homes:

Benjamin Moore is a high-quality paint brand that will work well in your home.

Low VOC, covers well, used by many professionals because of the consistent quality,

large range of color and samples available.

Sherman Williams - large paint brand with good quality, low VOC options, large color palette, matching options with many furniture and cabinet companies

Farrow & Ball a European brand from Dorset, England that offers a wide range of beautifully curated colors and an exceptional product. eco-friendly water based finishes w