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Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

Life on the coast should be relaxing and enjoyable. Living close to one of the most beautiful elements of nature: the ocean; and you can enjoy it daily. Living or vacationing in a coastal home is a lifestyle that is easy to get used to—lots of sunlight, mesmerizing views, and a laid-back feeling to help you relax and enjoy life..

Frequently, you will find homes or cottages in coastal areas that are older, outdated and frequently in need of some attention to complement today’s lifestyles.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

Does your home lack the aesthetic you desire? Or reflect your personal style? Do you feel good when you walk in the door? If you can’t reply yes, you have options.

Try reviving a space with some paint! Using paint to update a room is a great place to start. Painting is relatively inexpensive and can drastically transform a home inside and out.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

So let’s get started. Making informed decisions before you are knee deep in the process will reap rewards. Even if you have some knowledge of paint products, keep in mind that coastal properties need the right products for their environment so keep moisture, sun exposure, and traffic areas for wear and tear in mind .No mistakes, no regrets, beautiful results!

Here are a few important areas to consider.

What is the RIGHT paint choice?

Because there are so many paint options available, navigating this process might be a little confusing. The best way to ensure you are using the right products for your home is to consult with a design professional who specializes in coastal interiors. Even a brief consultation can make a project “regret free” and the results meeting your expectations.


Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Paint selection that is safe for your home is not to be overlooked. We recommend low VOC latex paints that are eco friendly and meet the Green Guard Certification. Low VOC paints have reduced levels of volatile organic compounds-- VOCs are unstable chemicals that let off gases harmful to humans and the environment. Most paint companies offer low VOC options. Also consider paint that is also mildew-resistant to protect your home from the moist ocean air.

Latex vs Oil Paints

Latex paint is a water-based paint product that is easy to use with a quick drying time. Clean up with latex paint is also pretty easy (a little warm water). The paint industry emphasizes latex products to be more environmentally friendly than oil based paints.

Oil based paint has a strong odor, takes longer to dry, and tends to yellow overtime. Many companies have reduced or eliminated their offerings of oil based paint products due to safety and environmental factors. It can be more difficult to apply and requires special products for cleaning. Be sure to check with your designer or painting professional for the best option prior to selecting oil based products..

If you are comfortable tackling a DIY project yourself, below is a list of recommended paint companies that are readily available and offer quality products for coastal homes:

Benjamin Moore is a high-quality paint brand that will work well in your home.

Low VOC, covers well, used by many professionals because of the consistent quality,

large range of color and samples available.

Sherman Williams - large paint brand with good quality, low VOC options, large color palette, matching options with many furniture and cabinet companies

Farrow & Ball a European brand from Dorset, England that offers a wide range of beautifully curated colors and an exceptional product. eco-friendly water based finishes with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) They also offer a wide range of coordinating wallpapers.

Clare Paint A relatively new on line paint company that offers a beautiful range of colors and can be purchased and serviced on line for an easy experience. Just want to make sure that you have enough product since you will not be able to run to the local paint store if you are short. They offer eco-friendly and Green Guard certified products.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

What are the Different Paint Finishes, and which is Best?

There are five different paint finishes available and each one is best for different areas of the home.

High-Gloss finish - not frequently used for coastal homes unless for a dramatic accent wall due to the high light reflection and super shiny appearance.

Semi-Gloss finish is wipeable and durable, used for trim areas such as baseboards, door and window moldings, crown moldings some beadboard ceiling treatments.

Satin finish is a more subtle sheen than semi gloss … wipeable and durable—is most popular for trim areas such as baseboards, door and window moldings and cabinetry.

Eggshhell finish - easy to clean, more pronounced sheen and often used in areas of high moisture (bathrooms) with limited ventilation.

Matte finish - low sheen and is most often used on walls for all areas. Preferred for its wiping and cleaning ability as well as easy application for the occasional paint touch up.

Flat finish - is just that sheen …. difficult to clean, marks easily and is usually used for ceilings.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

How to Choose a Color Palette

Choosing a color palette is a critical step when repainting your home. It is more than just choosing a swatch you like—it is choosing colors that convey the feeling that you want in your space while complementing other design elements and décor pieces. A good color selection can be the perfect backdrop for your room.

Let’s take some of the confusion out of color selection.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

Selecting the perfect color can be the most difficult part of the process.

1. Consider the overall goal of the paint project. Refresh a tired room or cabinetry? Change the total look of the room? Brighter, softer, bolder look?

2. Select colors that you personally prefer. Not sure, check your closet. You will find colors you feel the most comfortable wearing that are similar to those you prefer in your living space.

3. Color changes based on undertones and light reflection. Our tip, put larger samples up on the wall in different locations. Review them during day and evening light. You will see color changes based on the light saturation and reflection in the room. Look for the shade undertones in the surrounding items in the room. Flooring, upholstered furniture, etc. They will help you determine if the color shade is complimentary for the room.

4. Don’t forget the ceiling. Designers often refer to this as the 5th wall. A slight tint or pattern on the ceiling can be a dramatic showstopper or subtle hint that brings a unique quality to a space.

5. Envision the total room design - Clients tend to look at a color in a more stark view. Keep in mind that all the elements in the room determine how the paint color will look….so you may be surprised to see that the color you selected is actually perfect once all the furnishings, artwork and window treatments are installed in the space.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

Blending colors in fabrics and incorporating those in the tray ceiling design along with the wall color created a total custom look for this dining area.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

A creamy ceiling color with a buttercream tint makes this little girls room a unique and beautiful space. Walls painted in a pale peach strie added to the artist's trees, butterflies and blossoms strategically handpainted directly on the walls.

Here are some of our favorite coastal color palettes. An easy way to update your space and make it feel clean and refreshed to set the tone for a more inviting coastal feel.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

Classic Coastal Palette - The Blues Rule

This classic coastal palette is perfect for a modern space. Creating a calm and serene atmosphere with this palette will make your living spaces feel peaceful and relaxing, You know ….a quiet escape from all the chaos. Shades of blues, grays, pale yellows, and neutrals are the perfect combination for creating a classic coastal interior.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

Beach Sunset Palette

This beach sunset inspired palette features six pastel colors. Decorating your interior with this coastal color palette will make your space feel warm and calm and remind you of long summer days spent by the water. Warm, pastel grays, beiges, and yellows will recreate sunset vibes in your interior.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

Stormy Ocean Palette

This stormy ocean palette is great for contemporary coastal designs. Bold blues, dark navys, and light grays will make the space feel clean and calm—picture the calm water after an ocean storm.

Getting Creative with Paint

Paint is a great tool for adding new life to things other than walls—you can use paint to repurpose furniture and make it new again. Sometimes, that dated desk, or those dining chairs just need a light sanding and a coat of fresh paint in a modern color to instantly upgrade them. You can find furniture painting and repurposing inspiration on Pinterest and do-it-yourself, or you can skip the DIY project and purchase some great pieces from Main Cottage.

Revive and Refresh Your Coastal Home with Paint

If you are a beginner at DIY paint products, start small with a bench, chair or table and have some fun with it...This process should be relaxing and a way to be creative…

Paint can be an affordable and quick solution for many problems. We are happy to help you so your project runs smoothly and the results are perfect!

If you would like more Coastal Living tips and a FREE COPY of Coastal by Grande Interiors Magazine, email us:

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