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Feel Like You're Living In A Fishbowl?

Feel Like You're Living In A Fishbowl?

I am frequently asked to help clients tackle the problem of privacy or lack of for their coastal homes. Many homes in beach areas are located on smaller sized lots with neighbors close by and in plain view. Coastal designed homes usually have multiple windows or oversized doors to enjoy the sea breezes and beautiful views. Yes, privacy can become a problem depending on how your home is positioned.

Feel Like You're Living In A Fishbowl?

There are many things to consider when selecting the best window treatments. Making a choice can become overwhelming with the myriad of options available. So what do you do? I have had clients tape up sheets of holiday wrapping paper as a temporary solution (clever).

Here are a few things to consider for a more permanent fix:

1. Function First - How much coverage do you prefer? Light filtering, opaque, room darkening, storm protection. Can they be manually operated or do you require automation. Are the views

and exterior best from top or bottom of window? What type of window are you covering and does it have limitations that will limit your options?

Feel Like You're Living In A Fishbowl?

2. Style Selection - There are many standard and customized styles and this is where it often becomes confusing. The style is usually determined by the size of the window, the wall areas surrounding the window, the ceiling height, the type of window and the overall design of the home or room. Popular options are: solar shades, woven shades, wood or metal blinds, plantation shutters, roman shades and drapes.

3. Material Choice - This is where most clients end up making the wrong choices. Durability is critical in coastal settings. Salt air, sun exposure and humidity play a large part in the fabric selection. Most cannot withstand the elements and begin deteriorating quickly. Make sure to inquire how the product will perform and check for warranties. Synthetic products are usually the best option but natural products can also be used depending on the light and humidity exposure.

Feel Like You're Living In A Fishbowl?

4. Determine your budget. Window coverings are an investment and the wrong option will end up being a costly mistake. Consult with your designer or window specialist before finalizing your order to insure that your selection is functional, durable and stylish.

Feel Like You're Living In A Fishbowl?

Our Coastal Window Treatment Blueprint will be available in March 2023 for a more in depth dive into window coverings for coastal homes.. The blueprint is a step by step guide to make the perfect window treatment choices without overwhelm, confusion or mistakes. There are handy measurement guides, product resources, installation design tips and more. You can proceed confidently to work with your designer or purchase directly from a retailer to love the way your home looks and functions.

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