Coastal Clutter - It's Real! 5 Ways To Be More Organized At Home

No matter the size of your home, clutter and lack of organization can become a nagging problem that complicates your life. I think we all strive to reduce stress and simplify our daily lives but most of us find this a pretty big challenge. No matter how often I tried, family members did not have the same intent and I found myself struggling. Spending time searching for items (especially when you're running late - cellphone? keys? backpacks?) can really be an unpleasant way to start a day and coming home to a disorganized space isn't fun.

Clutter is a real issue in coastal homes! Older designed homes are often smaller in scale) and many were originally intended for short vacation/seasonal stays. They lack ample storage as a full time residence. Many homes do not have a basement, attic or garage storage space so being creative and organized in making the most of your home is a must.

Where do you begin?


Start at the area you use to enter and exit your home. A mudroom is great but if you don't have that option, I suggest a bench, baskets for shoes, hooks for coats and a shelf to leave keys, phones, ID badges, etc. It can be family central if you have a blank wall for a calendar or reminders. Labeling everything is a plus and getting creative with this can make the space look personalized and attractive.

Next up

The Kitchen is the gathering place in most homes, so getting it to work well will have a big impact on your life. If you are considering a kitchen renovation be sure to think through every detail to keep your project regret free. Measure platter sizes, cookware heights and depths, as well a small appliances. Nothing is more annoying than moving back into a newly renovated kitchen to find that you don't have a place for some of your items. If a kitchen reno is not in your plans, no worries, there are numerous products available now to improve storage function in your kitchen. Place items following your work flow wherever possible. Consider one commonly overlooked space under the sink. Try rollouts - they are the best for easy access

This shelf is one of many offered by Rev-A-Shelf. They are very durable and come in various configurations.


If you have a pantry, this area can be pure gold if it is organized well. Shelving, drawers, baskets, lazy susans and labels can turn the most chaotic pantry into a working machine.

Closet SOS

Master Closet

This is an important space in your home that can make a big difference in your daily life. It always amazes me how my closet contents seem to grow even though I am not a big shopper. Or maybe I am !!!! Online shopping is too easy, right?

I am a big fan of keeping items that mean something to you personally as accessories in your home but the master closet is another story. I have been guilty of keeping too many pieces that are going to fit perfectly one day or are super worn out but can't get myself to say goodbye. Invite a friend over and make it a fun way to catch up while voting on the contents. You might be pleasantly surprised how having a second opinion makes it easier to purge. If you need more help, invest in a consultation with an organizer to get you through it...most likely money well spent.

Custom closet organization is dependent upon the space available and should be well planned. There are many companies available that do custom, semi custom and if you are on a budget, try some DIY. The IKEA PAX system (shown above) is a budget friendly option.

Linen Closet