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One of the things I’m often asked is "How did you get started in all this?"

Growing up in a small Italian family with countless dinners and non-stop gatherings, I learned early on that a home that functions well is an important part of a happy life.  Our modest home was the "go to" destination for friends and family.  And of course it didn't hurt that my Mom was one of the best hostesses I've ever seen.  

My passion for fashion and interior design led me to a career in the New York fashion industry.  Very exciting, life changing and fast paced. After many years of extensive world travel as an exec, I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial dream and founded Grande Interiors in 2002.  My mission was to help clients transform their homes to not only reflect their personal style but also support their ever changing lives.  This remains my main focus to this day....

Fun facts:  A proud Mom and self-proclaimed foodie who loves cooking, entertaining, travel, tennis, The Yankees, and all things coastal. 

"Good design can be so powerful and

life changing."

Catherine O'Brien


Creative Director


Living in a coastal community is wonderful.  I know first hand and have lived in a small coastal town for over twenty years. Life here is fabulous!!!  Over the years, I have experienced and witnessed the struggles that homeowners face living on or near the water.  That is why we are continuously offering solutions to help you attain the freedom to enjoy your new relaxed, rejuvenating life by the beach.

Are you challenged by non-stop maintenance, corrosion, costly repairs, lack of storage, limited space for entertaining ... to name a few? 


You are not alone and our analysis will help you prioritize, budget, design and execute a plan so feel more in control of your project and start enjoying life in your coastal community.

Our services are flexible, attainable and virtual to help serve you better.....Why wait?  You deserve to live your best coastal life!

The Team
Skilled pros bringing craftmanship and   products specific to coastal properties

"Cathy was very hands-on throughout our entire process of designing and building our summer cottage in Branford. She worked closely with architect, contractor and us to help us decide what would work well in our small space. She was instrumental in designing and coordinating kitchen cabinets, she took the lead in coordinating all finishes, i.e.,lighting, switches, outlets, etc., with contractor and electricians. She was very thorough and detailed providing a punchlist for contractor and subs as she was our eyes on the project as we were in Florida throughout the building process."   Paul D.,  Connecticut

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